• Space Dragons: Researchers Observe Energy Consumption in Quasars

    Quasars are the Universe’s brightest beacons; shining with magnitudes more luminosity than entire galaxies and the stars they contain. In the center of this light, at the heart of a quasar, researchers think, is an all-consuming black hole. For the first time, researchers have observed the accelerated rate at which eight quasars consume interstellar fuel to feed their black holes.

    The secret of the last mile of the black hole feeding.(Image by CUI Jie)
  • USTC Delegation Visited Japan
    [2019-09-18] From Sep 3rd to 6th, USTC vice-president DU Jiangfeng led a delegation to Japan. Vice-president XUFANG Yifu of Kyushu University warmly welcomed USTC delegation, highly p...
  • The Public Exhibition of Dunhuang Mural Art Treasure in the University Held in USTC
    [2019-09-16] On September 12th, the public exhibition of Dunhuang Mural Art Treasure was held the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). Party secretary SHU Gequn, stan...
  • University Culture Meets Moon Cake
    [2019-09-12] As the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, USTC has made special customized moon cakes for all the USTCers.
  • Piano Trio Concert of Classical Film Music by Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory
    [2019-09-10] On the evening of September 9th, a concert of piano trios of classical film music was held at the Eastern Conference hall of the University of Science and Technology of C...
  • 2019 USTC Opening Ceremony for the New USTCers
    [2019-09-07] At the beginning of September , the opening ceremony for the freshmen of 2019 was held at the Eastern Conference hall of USTC.
  • USTC Achieves New Progress in Long-distance Quantum Communication
    [2019-09-05] Recently, the research team led by Prof. PAN Jianwei has demonstrated twin-field quantum key distribution through the sending-or-not-sending protocol with a realistic pha...
  • USTC Resumed Film Screening on Campus
    [2019-09-02] In order to enrich the leisure time of students and faculty, USTC starts to screen films since August 8th at both the Eastern Conference hall and the Western Conference h...
  • Overcome the Bottleneck of Solid Electrolytes for Li Batteries
    [2019-08-29] On Aug 21st, Prof. MA Cheng from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) and his collaborators proposed an effective strategy to address the electrode-el...
  • Machine-Learning Assists Quantum Computing
    [2019-08-27] Innovatively, using recently popular machine-learning (ML) tools, USTC researchers managed to design methods to guarantee both low time consumption and high-fidelity read...
  • KDFX Hit a History Record in the 16th National Unicycle Championship
    [2019-08-23] The 16th National Unicycle Championships Liyang Station and Changfeng Station were held in Liyang from August 5th to 6th and Changfeng from August 9th to 11th, respective...
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  • Orbital Selective Superconductivity in Iron-based Superconductors

    9-12 10:00 Exhibition Hall, Hefei National Laboratory Building

    The shape of the heart building blocks matters during heart formation and diseas...

    9-09 10:00 ROOM 9004, Hefei National Laboratory Building

    Visualize and Control Electronic Structures of Topological Quantum Materials

    8-29 Exhibition Hall, Hefei National Laboratory Building

    Discovery and Fundamental Studies of Phase Transformative Materials for Energy A...

    8-22 Exhibition Hall, Hefei National Laboratory Building

    Towards Platinum-Free Fuel Cells for Affordable Zero-Emission Cars

    8-22 Exhibition Hall, Hefei National Laboratory Building

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